The Region of Osona is a small part of the old county of Osona, situated at the heart of Catalonia, in the area known as Catalunya Vella or Old Catalonia. In the south-eastern part of this region lies EL MAS DE VILALLEONS, in a small hamlet called Vilalleons, belonging to the municipality of Sant JuliÓ de Vilatorta.
EL MAS DE VILALLEONS is a small country house surrounded by woodland, cultivated land and hills that form part of the Guilleries area.
EL MAS offers lovely views over the Montseny on its eastern side, and an unrivalled panoramic view of the Pyrenees.
Here, far from the din of the city, surrounded by nature, you will find the kind of peace and quiet you need to start the week with your batteries recharged.
EL MAS will offer you a warm welcome.