Places of interest you can visit
6 Km. Folgueroles, birthplace of the poet Jacint Verdaguer, where you can find the Verdaguer Museum house.

Very close to Folgueroles are the Dolmen of Puigseslloses and the Sant Jordi hermitage.
15 Km. Passing through Folgueroles you come to Vilanova de Sau and the Sau reservoir, where you can see the submerged bell-tower of the old town of Sant Romā de Sau.

15 Km. Sant Pere de Casserres. Find out how life was lived in a Benedictine monastery, in one of the most important monuments of Catalan Romanesque architecture.
A 10 Km. Vic, an inland city in Catalonia with many charming features:
*A very well preserved old town, where you will find the Cathedral (and where you will see the murals painted by Josep MĒ Sert), the Roman Temple, the recently renovated Episcopal Museum, specialising in Romanesque and Gothic art.
  *The Leatherwork Museum.  
  *The long-standing traditional markets, held every Tuesday and Saturday throughout the year.
THE PALM MARKET held on the Saturday before Palm Sunday in preparation for Easter.